10 Mistakes Karateka Make Sparring! Karate to MMA or Kickboxing

By Sensei Seth on

If you are a Karateka (karate practitioner) and you are looking to get into kickboxing or some sort of kickboxing style, like muay thai, dutch style kickboxing, sanda, sambo, or really any other discipline that involves punching, kicking and sparring.. I will warn you that there will be some mistakes made! But the transition from kumite to others sparring isn't unlike other transitions. There will always be hiccups! If you don't want to get punched in the face... well, change that attitude, because it is bound to happen. You are more than likely (almost a certainty) going to get punched in the face. The best way to prepare yourself for self defense in a street fight is to get used to being in those stressful situations. Sparring is a great way to pressure test martial arts, and to help you work on giving yourself controlled chaos to work with!

Doesn't matter if you're isshinryu, kyokushin, sport karate, olympic karate, goju ryu, wado ryu, shorin, shito, kempo, kenpo, or MORE! You're bound to have some of these issues just like I did! Hopefully this video helps.


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