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KC39 Free Fight - Debuting Karate champion Elijah Everill vs NYC's Rahul Bhwomick. As seen on the Joe Rogan Podcast with UFC commentator & comedian Joe Rogan and UFC Hall of Famer / martial arts icon Bas Rutten, Elijah Everill is billed as the next Raymond Daniels. Everill was recommended to the league by Daniels and a fellow KC fighter, middleweight champion Ross Levine. The young world champion phenom karateka signed an exclusive deal with Karate Combat and made his debut fight in Miami at Karate Combat 39. But will Rahul Bhowmick upset the hype fighting for USA? Watch the FULL KC39 Fight Night Live Event Replay FREE 🥋 Main event trailer - 👀 Co-main event trailer - 👀 Sign up for the May 10th $KARATE TOKEN AIRDROP & KARATE COMBAT APP at Biggest giveaway in sports history! The KC39 main event features a world championship matchup between Karate Combat lightweight champion & former Bellator MMA fighter Luiz Victor Rocha fighting former UFC fighter & LFA champion Bruno Souza Filho in THE PIT for the GOLDEN BELT. Patricky and Patricio Pitbull protege vs Lyoto Machida protege! Battle for the Karate king of Brazil! World champion kickboxer & karateka Raymond Daniels vs UFC veteran Sasha Palatnikov! Daniels, a multiple time world champion karateka, Bellator Kickboxing champion, Bellator MMA fighter, and GLORY Kickboxing fighter, puts his highlight reel skills to the test against the always gritty former UFC fighter Sasha Palatnikov in a clash of flashy KO techniques and gutsy power in this martial arts fight for the Karate Combat 39 co-main event. Could the winner face middleweight champion Ross Levine? DANIELS VS PALATNIKOV! Check out the most recent fights for the KC39 headlining competitors. Josh Quayhagen vs Luiz Rocha - lightweight Bruno Souza vs Bruno Assis - lightweight Rafael Aghayev vs Raymond Daniels - welterweight Sasha Palatnikov vs Adrian Hadribeaj - middleweight Featuring a WORLD TITLE FIGHT, follow KC39 live with expert analysts and commentators like President Adam Kovacs, former UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten, renowned MMA fighter & Karateka Wonderboy Stephen Thompson, Robin Black, Alex Wendling, and Layla Machado Garry breaking down each matchup strike by strike. Luiz Rocha vs Bruno Souza Raymond Daniels vs Sasha Palatnikov Shahzaib Rindh vs Tommy Azouz Cody Jerabek vs Antonio Arroyo Gabriel Stankunas vs Ignacio Capllonch Alberto Ramirez vs Maciej Tercjak Elijah Everill vs Rahul Bhowmick Ana Luiza vs Nathalia Dinis Adam Rosa Ramos vs Zakaria Benbouchta Jonathan Broad vs Will Esparza Subscribe to Karate Combat on YouTube: Connect with Karate Combat Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Discord: Store: #karate #karatecombat #kc39 #karatecombat39 #karatehighlights #highlight #kickboxing #glorykickboxing #mma #mixedmartialarts #mmahighlights #mmafights #martialarts #karatefighter #karateka #karateshotokan #fighter #fight #highlight #highlights #combat #sports #combatsports #youtube

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