Kata is NOT for Fighting

By Practical Kata Bunkai on If you are going to understand the solution (kata) then you need to understand the problem (the nature and objectives of non-construal violence). The methodology recorded within traditional kata was NOT created to address consensual violence / fighting (agreeing to fight another martial artist), but to address non-consensual violence (self-protection i.e. avoiding harm when faced with criminal violence). This is established in the writings of the past masters. The goal determines the strategies used to achieve that goal; the strategies dictate the tactics; and the tactics determine the choice of technique. “Winning a fight that I agreed to partake in” is not the same as “avoiding harm from unwanted criminal violence”. You can’t take the strategies, tactics and techniques used to achieve one goal and think they can be “copy and pasted” to achieve an alternative goal. This is NOT a value judgement of good or bad, but instead what is appropriate and relevant to a specific objective and context. Change the goal and everything else changes too. In this video I discuss why kata is not for consensual violence / fighting but instead is for non-consensual violence. I also discuss why an understanding of the huge differences between consensual and non-consensual violence is vital if we are to understand the methodology recorded in traditional kata. All the best, Iain My App: Shop: My Newsletter:

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