The Most Important Karate Master in History (糸洲 安恒)

By Jesse Enkamp on

Learn about the Okinawan master who modernized Japanese Karate.

By creating the five Pinan / Heian kata and introducing Karate to the prefectural school system in Okinawa, this master paved the way for traditional Karate to be practiced in the Western world.

Without this sensei, Okinawa's martial art might not exist in mainland Japan. His most famous students included Funakoshi Gichin (Shotokan), Mabuni Kenwa (Shito-ryu), Chibana Choshin (Shorin-ryu) and Motobu Choki.

The practical applications of kata (bunkai) along with Kobudo (weapons) were unfortunately lost in this transition from Tode (Chinese Hand), but at least the art didn't die out.

If it wasn't for this grandmaster, most of us probably wouldn't be practicing Karate today.


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