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Using Traditional Karate in Sparring | Kata and Bunkai for Fighting

By Sensei Seth on

If you are a Karateka, a Kung Fu Practioner, A Taekwondo-an (safe space Karate) or another traditional style, you may practice kata, forms, or some other name for a pre-arranged set of movements. I have been doing Katas like the Gekesai, Pinan (Heian), Naihanchi, Passai, Kusanku, Etc... since I was 3. I see the movements of the Kata in my sparring or Kumite, and I want to relay how I see Bunkai applied for non arranged movements like sparring. In this video we talk about the inside block, outside block, down block, upper head block, Cat Stance, Horse Stances, Pivoting, Reverse Punches, and more!


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