Will People HELP in Street Fights?.. Self Defence MYTHS

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Bystander Intervention is rarely discussed in Self Defence. Should you expect people to help you to defend yourself? This week we examine a violent encounter in a place of work in order to highlight what determines whether people will help you in a street fight or not. Normally we look at how to read PATTERNS of BEHAVIOUR in Self Defence situations. What we call Psychology in action, applied to self defence. This time we teach some simple self defence techniques learnt from a surveillance camera. Especially in a confined space. About Us ELEVATING YOUR FIGHT IQ: Videos blending Martial Arts, Crime Science, and Psychology. Presented by Dr Mark Phillips Criminal Psychologist, High Risk Security Consultant, Martial Arts and Defensive Skills Instructor. An expert in Violent Organised Crime, Hostage Taking, and Offender Profiling. Martial arts experience includes Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, San Da Kickboxing, and MMA. No Nonsense Self Defence Tips & Tricks. Making you PREPARED STRONG CAPABLE! Topics Covered: Coping with Violent Criminal Behaviour, Self Defence Techniques, Street Fighting Tips, Mindset Preparation, as well as general tips on how to defend yourself. Simple Martial Arts training with easy to follow ideas. Weekly Self Defence and Martial Arts video releases every Wednesday. SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! VISIT LONDON WING CHUN ACADEMY FOR MORE TIPS CONNECT WITH US! Instagram ► Google+ ► Facebook ► Twitter ► LondonWingChunAcademy ►

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